What a difference a day can make.
Mia Caruso grew up under the roof of a tyrant. Her father was an enforcer for the DeLuca crime family who ruled his home with the same brutality that his job required, her mother was the silent trophy he'd always wanted and Mia was only ever in the way. She'd endured the abuse for years, her only solace was the hope that one day she would be free from his iron fists. Just shy of her eighteenth birthday and four months away from a fresh start at college, he showed up and turned her world upside down.
Carlo DeLuca was at the top of his game, master of his own universe, he ran the most successful organized crime syndicate on the west coast. He'd worked his ass off to build his empire after his father had nearly bled it dry, and he wouldn't allow anything to threaten that. Carlo ruled with a cold indifference that terrified even the most brutal of men, and today was no exception, he had a rat to dispose of.

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Antonio and Victoria's story coming summer of 2016

​The DeLuca Family Series

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The Dirty Bitches Series


Some ghosts from the past just won’t stay dead.
They say time heals all wounds but what about the ones repeatedly ripped open and left to fester?
Frankie’s just trying to forget her past and find a way to move on without letting old demons drag her down.
Enzo is determined to save her while desperately holding on to the tattered threads of what they once had. 
His impulse to always protect her and her fierce desire to never depend on him again put them at odds when Frankie becomes the object of obsession for a psychopath and they’re forced together once again. With nowhere to hide they must finally face their past and unearth secrets long since buried.
Will they be able to move on from their shared ghosts together or will outside threats force them to go their separate ways?

Briar is a mess. 
After a disastrous one night stand, she is unceremoniously canned from her job of three years and forced to give up her adorable condo. At twenty-five her life is circling the drain and in desperate need of a change. With her entire universe upended she decides to reinvent herself and finally get her shit together. There’s just one problem, she has no idea who she wants to be. 
When a series of chance meetings with a guy who is the complete opposite of everyone she’s ever dated turns into more does she have the guts to break the cycle and give different a chance?
This is a hilarious story about finding yourself, falling in love, and every mistake along the way.